Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Phoenix Auto Approval Center do?

Phoenix Auto Approval Center is the help center for all Phoenix residents for their auto financing needs. We offer great auto loans for any type of credit and vehicle.

How much can I borrow?

The loan amount you can get depends on several factors such as your credit rating, income and the vehicle you want to buy. We suggest sending us your application first to find out how much you can get approved for.

How long should I wait before I get a decision?

You don’t have to wait too long. We process your application as soon as it lands our desk. You can expect our feedback a few minutes after submitting your application.

What certain types of vehicles do you finance?

Unlike other lenders, we can finance any type of vehicle you want to purchase. From compact cars to trucks, Phoenix Auto Approval Center has an auto loan to give you.

Should I pay for this service?

No. You don’t have to pay anything to get an auto loan from us. Our service is FREE!

 Pre-Approval Calculator 
Good Credit (725+)
Fair Credit (630+)
Poor Credit (575+)
Bad Credit (525+)
No Credit
Monthly Income $
Housing Cost $
Credit Cards $
100% Safe and Secure
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