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5 Smart Car Buyer Tactics to Remember

Posted on December 9th, 2013

phoenix 5Here in Phoenix and everywhere else, the sales staff of auto dealerships employ certain tactics to make a sale. Car salesmen always resort to devious hard-sell tactics. Dealers are in the business of selling cars, and they will do what it takes to get vehicles off their lot. Fortunately, car buyers have tactics of their own to beat the dealers’. If you will be purchasing a car soon or sometime in the future, read on to learn about the smart car buyer tactics.


Tactic #1: The ‘Just Tonight’ Deal

Dealers tend to pressure customers into agreeing to a price by saying that the offer is only good for that date. By making it seem that the deal will immediately expire, the salesperson compels the car buyer to accept it. This leaves no time for the buyer to do further research or visit other dealerships.

If you find yourself in this situation, take a page from the dealers’ book. Give your price and inform the dealer that your offer is only available for a limited time. Specifically mention that your price expires tonight. If the dealer needs to make a sale, you may get the car at the price you want. If the dealer doesn’t budge, it’s time to head to the next dealer.


Tactic #2: The Car Demand Argument

Another way dealers force customers to make an immediate decision is by making it seem that the vehicle is a hot ticket. The salesperson would probably say that the vehicle is in high demand and that they have other interested buyers. He could also say that the stocks are limited. As a result, the customer would buy the vehicle instantly in fear of losing it to another. The one that usually falls victim to this tactic is the customer who already loves the car.

Keep in mind that cars are often mass-produced and therefore there are many available. You should challenge the salesman’s statement by saying that you could go to another dealer to get the same car. Know that the claim about the other buyers may or may not be true. Regardless, you should not make a sudden decision based on this. If the car is indeed available in limited numbers, take comfort in the fact that another vehicle just like it would be available in the near future.


Tactic #3: The ‘Losing Money’ Scenario

A salesperson would say that the dealer is losing money in the deal in order to make the customer believe that he or she is indeed getting a good deal. The idea of the seller losing money causes the buyer to be more compassionate, prompting him or her to settle for the offer.

If a car salesman tells you that the dealer is losing money, remind him that you’re the one buying the car, and thus the only one losing money in the transaction. At the end of the day, you are the only one losing money in the car deal.

Note: This trick has different variations. The salesperson could appeal to the customer’s sympathy by saying something like ‘putting food on the table,’ ‘sending the kids to college,’ and the like.


Tactic #4: The “Checking with the Spouse” Trick

In the midst of the conversation with a customer, the salesperson always excuses himself to speak to the sales manager about the price. He will make it seem like he is on the customer’s side while the manager is the enemy.

Remember that the sales manager and salesperson are always on the same side—the dealer’s. They both have to sell cars to earn a living. Under no circumstance will they take your side over their employer. If you are not sure with the deal you are getting, be like the salesperson: walk away by saying that you need to check with someone whose opinion you value. It can be your spouse or anybody else. Tell the salesman that you have to check with this person and suggest that you are but one of the several people deciding on this purchase.


Tactic #5: The “I-Want-No-Freebies” Attitude

Dealers often inflate car prices to earn a profit, and they do this through the addition of unnecessary items or services (i.e. pinstriping, rust protection, etc). The salesperson will claim that these additions are free.

Know that nothing is free at the dealership. All these additions come with a price, and will be added to your auto loan. Therefore, learn to say no. Refuse these immediately. Tell them outright that you don’t want and need these stuff.

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